Saint Ninian Place Closed Until Further Notice

Dear parishioners,

Following the historic cold temperatures we have witnessed in the beginning of February, St. Ninian Place suffered extensive damages resulting from freezing pipes. On Sunday night (February 5th), the office staff got called into the building. The pipes, which had frozen during the weekend, let go, flooding the kitchen in Saint Ninian Place, the offices on the main level, as well as the entrance to the building. We are working with our insurance provider, volunteers, and partners to make sure we return to the office as soon as we can. Unfortunately, the degree of damage will require us to close the building for the foreseeable future. We will be sharing some more information as soon as possible.

The parish office is operating out of the Chancery office on 168 Hawthorne St., please feel free to pay us a visit there.

Thank you for your understanding.