Dear Ladies of St. Ninian's, on behalf of St. Ninian's CWL, Greetings in the New Year. This is a blanket invitation
to all of you to join our august group of CWL for 2016 via our Membership Drive which is on, this month, via envelopes
attached to the bulletin. All members are reminded to renew your memberships, and if you so wish, you might even
want to gift a membership to one of your young women family members, for this year, with our sincerest thanks. Our
Organization at St. Ninian's, is now over 90 years old, kept alive by the dedicated hundreds of women, over many years
past and present. Come, renew, join, and try out our Parish women's organization which is here to serve everyone within it.
ALL are welcome!

Much love and Blessings,
Yvette Muise, President